Table 2.

N-terminal sequences of PC1839 (sarA) exoproteins

DesignationApproximate size (kDa)SequenceHomologyaAccession no. (reference)
P640AAETGKGKGVLGDTKDININ85% identity to metalloprotease (SepPI) of S. epidermidisP4314863
P135VILPNNDRHQI100% identity to V8 serine protease ofS. aureusP0418811, S2175869
P228ENNVTKIKDTNIFPYTGVVAFFSASGF88 and 67% identities to novel antigens ORF-1 and ORF-2 of S. aureus, respectivelyU60589 and U6352959, respectively
P326ENNVKQITNTNVAPYNGVTV55% identity to both novel antigens ORF-1 and ORF-2 of S. aureusU60589 and U6352959, respectively
P422DQVQYENTLKNFKIREQQFD100% identity to ORFX 3′ of V8 serine protease of S. aureusW. Hufnagle32
  • a Homology at the amino acid level to proteins in the SWISSPROT and EMBL databases.