Table 1.

Strain and plasmid list

Straina or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Source or reference
 LT2Wild typeLab collection
 Derivatives of LT2
  SMS209 pta209::Tn10 R. LaRossa
  SMS408 ack408::Tn10 R. LaRossa
  TR6583 (formerly SA2979) metE205 ara-9 K. Sanderson via J. Roth
 Derivatives of TR6583
  JE4388 prpB210/pPRP25
  JE4389 prpB195/pPRP25
  JE4390 prpC173/pPRP25
  JE4391 prpC167/pPRP25
  JE4392 prpD174/pPRP25
  JE4393 prpD169/pPRP25
  JE4394 prpE213::kan/pPRP25
  JE4395 prpE213::kanDEL1231 acs/pPRP25
  JE4396 prpE213::kanDEL1231 acs ack408::Tn10/pPRP25
  JE4397 prpE213::kanDEL1231 acs pta209::Tn10/pPRP25
  JE4199 prpC114::MudJ
  JE4359DUP1033[proC-pyrC]prpC114::MudJ pdu-8::MudA DEL1184cobB
  JE4401 prpC114::MudI1734/pBAD30
  JE4402JE4265/pCOBB5 cobB+cat + (vector pSU19)
  JE4521 prpE213::kan ack408::Tn10
  JE4524DEL1231 acs ack408::Tn10
 pRS551Cloning vector with a promoterlesslacZ + gene,kan + 28
 pSU19Cloning vector, cat +(Cmr) 17
 pBAD30Expression vector, ParaBAD bla +(Apr) 10
 pPRP21 prpB + in pBAD30,bla + (Apr) 13
 pPRP25PprpBCDE -lacZ kan +
 pPRP35 prpC + in pBAD30,bla + (Apr) 13
 pPRP36 prpD + in pBAD30,bla + (Apr) 13
 pPRP54 prpE + in pBAD30,bla + (Apr) 14
 pCOBB5 cobB + cloned into pSU19cat +(Cmr) 35
  • a All strains used were derivatives ofS. typhimurium LT2, and unless otherwise stated, they were constructed during the course of this study.

  • b Hereafter and throughout the text, MudI1734 is also referred to as MudJ.