Table 1.

B. subtilis strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotype or phenotypeSource or reference
PS482a ΔsspA ΔsspB ΔsspE Cmr bβγ) 9
PS832a Wild-type derivative of strain 168Laboratory stock
PY79c Wild type 47
IB464a sspG::sspG-lacZCmr pIB454→PS832
IB465a sspJ::sspJ-lacZCmr pIB452→PS832
IB488a ΔsspG-yurS::spcSprd This work
IB490a ΔsspJ::spcSpr This work
IB466c spoIIAC sspG::sspG-lacZCmr IB464→SC1159
IB467c spoIIGB sspG::sspG-lacZ CmrEmr e IB464→SC137
IB468c spoIIIG sspG::sspG-lacZCmr IB464→SC500
IB469c spoIVCB sspG::sspG-lacZ CmrEmr IB464→SC64
IB470c sspG::sspG-lacZCmr IB464→PY79
IB471c spoIIAC sspJ::sspJ-lacZCmr IB465→SC1159
IB472c spoIIGB sspJ::sspJ-lacZ CmrEmr IB465→SC137
IB473c spoIIIG sspJ::sspJ-lacZCmr IB465→SC500
IB474c spoIVCB sspJ::sspJ-lacZ CmrEmr IB465→SC64
IB475c sspJ::sspJ-lacZCmr IB465→PY79
IB502c sspG::sspG-lacZpspac-sigK sigKΔ19 CmrSpr IB470→BZ536
IB480c sspJ::sspJ-lacZ spoIIIG [pSDA4] CmrKmr f pSDA4→IB473
IB481c sspJ::sspJ-lacZ spoIIIG [pDG298] CmrKmr pDG298→IB473
IB492g sspG::sspG-lacZ trpC2 Cmr IB464→SG38
IB494g gerE36 sspG::sspG-lacZ trpC2Cmr IB464→522.2
IB498g SpβcotA-lacZ trpC2 CmrEmr Spβ::cotA-lacZ→SG38
IB511a ΔsspG-yurS::spcΔ sspA ΔsspB ΔsspE CmrSpr IB488→PS482
IB515a ΔsspJ::spc ΔsspA ΔsspB ΔsspE CmrSpr IB490→PS482
SC64c spoIVCB Emr S. Cutting
SC137c spoIIGBEmr S. Cutting
SC500c spoIIIGΔ1 S. Cutting
SC1159c spoIIAC1 S. Cutting
BZ536c Pspac-PsigK sigKΔ19 Spr L. Kroos
522.2g gerE36 trpC2 L. Kroos
SG38g trpC2 J. Errington
  • a Genetic background is PS832.

  • b Cmr, chloramphenicol (5 μg/ml) resistance.

  • c Genetic background is PY79.

  • d Spr, spectinomycin (100 μg/ml) resistance.

  • e Emr, erythromycin (1 μg/ml) resistance.

  • f Kmr, kanamycin (10 μg/ml) resistance.

  • g Derivatives of B. subtilis strain CU267 (originally obtained from S. A. Zahler).