Table 2.

Cyanobacterial strain toxicities and amplification and hybridization of DNA involved in the biosynthesis of microcystins and other nonribosomal peptides

Anabaena circinalisAWT006AustraliaS+NDND
Anabaena cylindricaNIES19Englandnt+NDND
Anabaena flos-aquae CYA83/1NorwayM++++
Anabaena sp. strain 90FinlandM++++
Anabaena sp. strain 202A1FinlandM++++
Anabaena sp. strain 66AFinlandMNDND++
Anabaena sp. strain 186FinlandMNDND++
Anabaena sp. strain 54FinlandANDND
Anabaena sp. strain 79BFinlandANDND
Anabaena sp. strain 123FinlandANDND
Anabaenasp. strain 14FinlandANDND
Anabaenasp. strain 277Finlandnt+
Anabaena sp. strain 302Finlandnt+
Anabaena sp. strain 299AFinlandnt++
Aphanizomenon sp. strain 3FinlandANDND
Aphanizomenon sp. strain 301Baltic SeantNDND
Aphanizomenon sp. strain TR18Baltic SeantNDND
Aphanizomenon sp. strain 202Finlandnt++±
Aphanizomenon flos-aquae NIES81Japannt+NDND
Cylindrospermopsis raciborskiiAWT205AustraliaC+NDND
Lyngbya sp. strain AWT211Australiant++NDND
Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7806The NetherlandsM+++
Microcystis aeruginosaHUB524GermanyM+++
Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7820ScotlandM++NDND
Microcystis wesenbergiiNIES107JapanM++NDND
Microcystis viridis NIES102JapanM++NDND
Microcystis sp. strain UNSWCP1AustraliaM++NDND
Microcystissp. strain AWT139AustraliaM++NDND
Microcystis sp. strain 199FinlandMND++
Microcystis sp. strain 98FinlandMND++
Microcystissp. strain 205FinlandMND++±
Microcystis aeruginosa PCC7005United Statesnt+NDND
Microcystis aeruginosaNIES99Japannt+NDND
Microcystis elabens NIES42Japannt+NDND
Microcystis sp. strain HUB53Germanynt+NDND
Microcystis sp. strain 269FinlandntND+
Microcystissp. strain 130FinlandntND+±
Nodularia spumigenaPCC73104CanadaNd ++NDND
Nodularia spumigena HEMBaltic SeaN++++
Nodularia spumigena BY1Baltic SeaN+++
Nodularia spumigenaNSOAustraliaN++++
Nodularia sphaerocarpa HKVVBaltic Seant+
Nostoc sp. strain 152FinlandM++++
Nostoc commune NIES24Japannt+NDND
Nostoc punctiformePCC73120Australiant+NDND
Nostoc sp. strain 268Russiant+
Nostoc sp. strain PCC7120United Statesnt+
Oscillatoria agardhii 195FinlandM+++±
Oscillatoria agardhii 18RFinlandM+++±
Oscillatoria agardhii223FinlandM++±
Oscillatoria agardhii 49FinlandMNDND+
Oscillatoria agardhii97FinlandMNDND+
Oscillatoria agardhii 126FinlandMNDND+
Oscillatoria agardhii128FinlandMNDND+
Oscillatoria agardhii NIES204JapanM++NDND
Oscillatoria agardhii2FinlandntND+±
Plectonema sp. strain UNSW901700United Statesnt+NDND
Pseudanabaena sp. strain AWT300Australiant+NDND
Synechococcussp. strain AWT400AustraliantNDND
  • a S, paralytic shellfish toxins (e.g., saxitoxins); nt, nontoxic; M, microcystins; A, anatoxin-a; C, cylindrospermopsin; N, nodularin.

  • b +, positive; −, negative; ND, not determined.

  • c HUB, peptide synthetase gene probe amplified from M. aeruginosa HUB524; ANA, two amplified probes fromAnabaena sp. strain 90.

  • d N. spumigena PCC73104 mildly inhibits protein phosphatase 2A activity; however, the structure of this inhibitory compound has not been characterized.