Table 1.

L. casei strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionReference or source
L. caseistrains
 BL23ATCC 393[pLZ15]B. Chassy (University Illinois, Urbana)
 BL23D man 49
 BL71 ccpA 34
 BL72 man ccpA 22
 BL153BL23 lacE This work
 BL154BL23lacT This work
 BL155BL23lacF This work
 pUC18Amr Boehringer Mannheim
 pRV300Ermr from pAMβ1 30
 pBluescriptII SK+ Amr Stratagene
 pT7Blue-T-vectorAmr Novagen
 pNZ272 gusACmr 36
 pNZlacpNZ272 containing the cre element of lacp fused togusA 34
 pNZRATpNZ272 containing the cre element and RAT-terminator oflacp fused to gusA This work
 pMJ39 lacE with 0.965-kb deletion in pRV300This work
 pMJ41 lacT with a frameshift atPstI site in pRV300This work
 pMJ45 lacF with a frameshift at SphI site in pRV300This work
 pMJ33pBluescript containing a fragment of lacp (Fig. 1)This work
 pMJ64pBluescript containing a fragment of lacE andlacG (Fig. 1)This work