Table 2.

Interacting proteins and intergenic regions identified in the yeast two-hybrid systema

Bait proteinInteracting proteinPredicted functionProtein size (no. of amino acids)Amino acid segment in BD fusion
RsbTProBγ-Glutamyl kinase354321–354
RsbRRegulator of ςB274116–256
RsbSRegulator of ςB1218–117
YfmRSimilar to ABC transporter629572–629
YhcHSimilar to ABC transporter305113–203
YorLSimilar to DNA polymerase III, α subunit1,3051,211–1,240
RsbUPpsDPeptide synthetase3,6031,261–1,351
RpoCRNA polymerase, B subunit1,200671–811
SpsBSpore coat polysaccharide biosynthesis47253–100
SpsJSpore coat polysaccharide biosynthesis3157–47
YjlDSimilar to NADH dehydrogenase3921–23, 1–46
YlaGSimilar to GTP binding elongation factor612267–372
YoaRUnknown, no similarity to known proteins303222–303
YorLSimilar to DNA polymerase III, α subunit1,3051,211–1,240
RsbXObgGTP binding protein428285–328
YrkNUnknown, no similarity to known proteins18532–185
YtgASimilar to ABC transporter307140–296
YvgOUnknown, no similarity to known proteins16129–100, 55–100
  • a The table lists each of the Rsb proteins fused to the Gal4::BD (bait protein), the identity of the B. subtilis genes that were isolated against them as interacting Gal4::AD fusions (interacting protein), and the predicted function of the genes. The predicted size of the gene products (protein size) and the particular amino acid segment of the proteins that were present as part of the fusion proteins are also listed. The nucleotide designations of the B. subtilisintergenic regions which yield “fortuitous” fusion proteins are noted as follows: for RsbT, 1886017–1885806; for RsbU, 3334901–3335145, 4094152–4094628, 521710–521628, 1298509–1298682, 3990625–3990466, 135661–135552, 3648551–3648811, 262440–262510, 2564095–2564127, and 2359371–2359314.