Table 2.

Complementation of the ΔinvF mutant for regulation of gene expressiona

Strainβ-Galactosidase activityb (U)
SVM473 [Φ(sigD-lacZYA)/sigDE +]745801,847
SVM579 [ΔinvFΦ(sigD-lacZYA)/sigDE +]36425
SL1344/pHD11 [Φ(sicA-lacZYA)]1149863,612
SVM579 (ΔinvF)/pHD11 [Φ(sicA-lacZYA)]21,0955
BJ68 (sipC::Tn5lacZY)9624,4736,277
SVM725 (BJ68ΔinvF)1964,2681,291
SVM754 (BJ68ΔinvF spaS::ΩStr/Sp)94,43016
  • a See Table 1 for descriptions of strains and plasmids.

  • b Average of duplicate β-galactosidase assays performed on duplicate cultures, representative of several independent assays. The standard deviation of β-galactosidase activity was less than 15% between cultures except for BJ68/pWKS130, in which case it was 24%.