Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this work

StrainGenotypeReference or source
S. typhimurium
 SL1344Wild type 19
 SVM473CmrΦ(sigD-lacZYA)/sigDE + This work
 SB154Cmr StrR invA::Ωcat J. Galán
 SVM514Strr Spr spaS::ΩStr/SpThis work
 SVM579ΔinvF (in-frame deletion of 465 bp)This work
 VV302ΔhilA-523 3
 BJ68Tcr;sipC::Tn5lacZY 34
 SVM725Tcr sipC::Tn5lacZYΔinvF This work
 SVM733StrrSpr spaS::ΩStr/Sp ΔinvF This work
 SVM754StrrSpr Tcr ΔinvF spaS::ΩStr/SpsipC::Tn5lacZY This work
 LB5000LT2, flaA66 metA22 trp-2 rpsL xyl-401 ilv-452 leu hsd mod + 37
 pHG329Aprmedium-copy-number cloning vector 39
 pWKS130Knr, low-copy-number cloning vector 40
 pVV214Apr,hilA in pACYC177 3
 philA Knr, 2.2-kb NsiI fragment from pVV214 cloned into the PstI site of pWSK130This work
 pHH21Apr,sigD-lacZYA, 0.9-kb EcoRI/PstIsigDE promoter and partial coding sequences in pRS415 20
 pVLT33Knr, low-copy-vector for IPTG-inducible expression downstream of Ptac 9
 pHH37Knr, 3.2-kbEcoRI-BamHI sigDE fragment in pVLT33This work
 pRW50Tcr, low-copy-number transcriptional reporter fusion vector 29
 pHD3Tcr, Φ(invF-lacZYA) in pRW50This work
 pHD11Tcr, Φ(sicA-lacZYA) in pRW50This work
 pFUSECmr, suicide vector for integration oflacZYA transcriptional reporters onto the chromosome 5
 pHD5Cmr, 1-kb sequence including sigDE promoter in pFUSEThis work
 pDL7-2Tcr, cosmid clone containinginv-spa and sicAB genes 32
 pHD7Knr, ∼8-kb EcoRI fragment from pDL7-2 containing invHFGEABC′ in pWKS130This work
 pHD8Knr, ∼6.7-kb EcoRI fragment from pDL7-2 containing invC′IJ spaOPQRS sicA sequence in pWSK130This work
 pHD9-1Knr, 1.7-kbPstI fragment from pHD7 containing invF in pWKS130This work
 pHD10-1Apr, 1.7-kbPstI fragment from pHD7 containing invF in pHG329This work
 pHD17Cmr, 1.7-kbHindIII invF fragment from pHD10-1 cloned into pACYC184This work
 pHD13Apr, same as pHD10-1 but with 465-bp deletion in invF This work
 pMAK705Cmr, temperature-sensitive origin of replication vector used for gene replacement 16
 pHD15Cmr, ∼1.25-kb PstI fragment from pHD13 cloned into pMAK705This work