Table 4.


Del913(−)566 …All ofeut-cysATT14526Tn10 × Tn10
Del1955(−)566–15930All ofeutTT20606Tn10 × Tn10
Del763730 …eutS171–cysATT11734Mu dA × Mu dA
Del7441470 …eutQ18–cysATT11715Mu dA × Mu dA
Del7392008 …eutT11–cysATT11710Mu dA × mu dA
Del7432555 …eutT17–cysATT11714Mu dA × Mu dA
Del7622585 …eutT184–cysATT11733Mu dA × Mu dA
Del7344407 …eut6–cysATT11705Mu dA × Mu dA
Del7528456 …eutH25–cysATT11723Mu dA × Mu dA
Del73012035 …eutC2–cysATT11701Mu dA × Mu dA
Del74112957 …eutL15–cysATT11712Mu dA × Mu dA
Del75012966 …eutL23–cysATT11721Mu dA × Mu dA
Del75613001 …eutL177–cysATT11727Mu dA × Mu dA
Del74713010 …eutL34–cysATT11718Mu dA × Mu dA
Del75414135 …eutR156–cysATT11725Mu dA × Mu dA
Del86315364 …eut-38–cysATT13783Mu dA × Mu dA
eut-333750–2919eutP–eutDTT20581In-frame deletion
eut-3022692–3994eutD–eutMTT19189In-frame deletion
eut-3006646–7438eutJ–eutGTT19187In-frame deletion
eut-3016945–8362eutG–eutHTT19168In-frame deletion
eut-339403–∼850eutS–eutPTT20586T-POP × T-POP
eut-340403–∼5350eutS–eutETT20587T-POP × T-POP
eut-336403–∼13950eutS–eutKTT20583T-POP × T-POP
eut-338∼5350–∼13950eutE–eutKTT20585T-POP × T-POP
eut-337∼6100–∼13950eutJ–eutKTT20584T-POP × T-POP
eut-335∼10150–∼13950eutA–eutKTT20582T-POP × T-POP
  • a All positions are relative to the base immediately distal to the IS200 insertion (Fig. 2); numbers preceded with (−) are to the left of that reference point. ∼, numbers are approximate positions determined by the sizes of PCR fragments or fine-structure mapping.