Table 6.

Phenotypes of eut::T-POP insertions

GeneAlleleaOperon locationbStrain no.Growth on NCE ethanolamine B12cColor on MacConkey ethanolamine B12d
eutSeut-334 (A)403TT203570304
eutPeut-272 (A)∼850TT190990304
eut-273 (B)∼850TT191000000
eut-274 (A)∼950TT191010003
eut-275 (B)∼950TT191020100
eut-267 (A)968TT188140104
eut-276 (A)∼1050TT191030104
eutDeut-277 (B)∼2850TT191040002
eutMeut-278 (B)∼3850TT191050003
eut-271 (A)∼3900TT190980004
eutEeut-279 (A)∼5350TT191060000
eutJeut-269 (A)∼6100TT190960303
eutGeut-270 (A)7628TT190970303
eutAeut-280 (A)∼10150TT191070e0e01e
eutBeut-281 (A)∼11550TT191080f0f00f
eut-282 (A)∼11650TT191090f0f00f
eutCeut-283 (B)∼12450TT191100f0f00f
eutLeut-284 (A)∼12950TT191111323
eutKeut-268 (A)∼13900TT188280g334
eut-285 (B)∼13900TT191120g334
eut-286 (A)∼13950TT191130g334
  • a A, induced transcription is from thetetA promoter of the T-POP element; B, T-POP insertion is in the opposite orientation.

  • b Nucleotide position is distance from the first nucleotide at the left of IS200V. ∼, approximate location determined by PCR; other positions are by direct sequence determination.

  • c Growth is scored on solid minimal medium with ethanolamine as sole carbon source. 0, no growth; 1, slow growth; 2, moderate growth; 3, growth as strong as wild type.

  • d The Eut phenotype can be scored by acid production, which produces a red color on this medium. 0, white; 1, pale pink; 2, pink; 3, red; 4, dark red.

  • e In eutA mutants, the EutBC lyase is inhibited by CNB12 at the concentration used here; thus,eutA mutants show weak growth similar to that ofeutBC mutants.

  • f Strains that lack the eutBC(lyase) but still express the eutE gene are scored here as 0; they show extremely weak but reliably scorable growth that is due to a minor (EutE-dependent) secondary pathway of ethanolamine degradation.

  • g The “0” response of eutK insertions without tetracycline may reflect blockage of eutRtranscription from a weak internal promoter between the eutL and eutK insertions used here.