Table 3.

Positions of eut insertion mutations

LocusaGenotypebStrainGene positioncOperon positiond
eutSeut-334::TPOP (A)TT2035643403
eutPeut-171::Mu dJ (B)TT1375221730
eut-272::TPOP (A)TT19099∼140∼850
eut-273::TPOP (B)TT19100∼140∼850
eut-274::TPOP (A)TT19101∼240∼950
eut-275::TPOP (B)TT19102∼240∼950
eut-267::TPOP (A)TT18814259968
eut-276::TPOP (A)TT19103∼340∼1050
eutQeut-18::Mu dA (B)TT102713041470
eutTeut-11::Mu dA (B)TT106471562008
eut-17::Mu dA (B)TT106537032555
eut-184::Mu dA (A)TT137647332585
eutDeut-277::TPOP (B)TT19104∼200∼2850
eut-172::Mu dJ (A)TT137534093061
eutD/eutMeut-168::Mu dJ (A)TT137503701
eutMeut-278::TPOP (B)TT19105∼140∼3850
eut-271::TPOP (A)TT19098∼190∼3900
eutN/eutEeut-6::Mu dA (B)TT106424407
eutEeut-24::Mu dA (B)TT10660∼50∼4460
eut-12::Mu dA (B)TT10648∼100∼4510
eut-10::Mu dA (B)TT10646∼450∼4860
eut-163::Mu dJTT13745∼700∼5110
eut-279::TPOP (A)TT19106∼940∼5350
eut-181::Mu dJ (B)TT13762∼1020∼5430
eutJeut-269::TPOP (A)TT19096∼280∼6100
eutGeut-3::Mu dA (B)TT10639∼480∼7130
eut-178::Mu dJTT13759∼590∼7240
eut-4::Mu dA (B)TT10640∼780∼7430
eut-26::Mu dA (B)TT10662∼960∼7610
eut-270::TPOP (A)TT190979767628
eut-173::Mu dJ (B)TT13754∼1040∼7690
eut-20::Mu dA (B)TT10656∼1080∼7730
eutG/eutHeut-160::Mu dJ (B)TT13742∼7890
eut-154::Mu dJ (B)TT13737∼7890
eutHeut-9::Mu dA (B)TT10645∼80∼8030
eut-203::Mu dJ (B)TT13778∼140∼8090
eut-25::Mu dA (B)TT106615088456
eut-21::Mu dA (B)TT10657∼680∼8630
eut-22::Mu dA (B)TT10658∼680∼8630
eut-192::Mu dJ (B)TT13769∼1130∼9080
eutAeut-208::Tn10dTc (B)TT10644∼5∼9200
eut-176::Mu dJ (A)TT13757∼350∼9540
eut-1::Mu dA (B)TT10637∼690∼9880
eut-183::Mu dJ (B)TT13763∼690∼9880
eut-280::TPOP (A)TT19107∼960∼10150
eutBeut-5::Mu dA (B)TT10641∼10∼10610
eut-8::Mu dA (B)TT10644∼710∼11310
eut-281::TPOP (A)TT19108∼940∼11550
eut-282::TPOP (A)TT19109∼1040∼11650
eutCeut-2::Mu dA (B)TT106384812035
eut-283::TPOP (B)TT19110∼460∼12450
eutLeut-284::TPOP (A)TT19111∼60∼12950
eut-15::Mu dA (B)TT106516412957
eut-23::Mu dA (B)TT106597312966
eut-177::Mu dA (B)TT1375810813001
eut-34::Mu dA (B)TT1067011713010
eutKeut-268::TPOP (A)TT18828∼340∼13900
eut-285::TPOP (B)TT19112∼340∼13900
eut-286::TPOP (A)TT19113∼390∼13950
eutReut-156::Mu dJ (B)TT137382814135
eut trailereut-38::Mu dA (B)TT1067415364
Outside eutoperonzfa-3648::Tn10TT1344015930
  • a Insertions with two gene designations (X/Y) are in the interval between the indicated genes.

  • b “(B)” after a Mu-derived element indicates that the eut operon was fused to thelac operon of the element; “(A)” indicates the opposite orientation. An “(A)” after a Tn10-derived element indicates that tetracycline-regulated expression of downstreameut genes is from the tetA promoter of the T-POP element; “(B)” implies the opposite orientation. For both Mu- and Tn10-derived elements, no symbol means that the orientation was not determined.

  • c Nucleotide position within the affected gene. ∼, positions were determined by sizing PCR fragments and are approximate; other positions were exactly determined by sequencing.

  • d Distances are from the proximal end of the IS200 insertion at the left end of the operon (Fig. 1).