Table 5.

Point mutations

Amino acidaCodon
eutT77 Q61AmCAG→TAGTT11494 eut(N)
eutT62 b Q62AmCAG→TAGTT11479 eut(N)
eutT86 P76L,Q77AmCCACAG→CTATATT11503 eut(N)
eutT67 Q77AmCAG→TAGTT11484 eut(N)+
eutT10 W125OpTGG→TGATT11518 eut(N)+
eutT75 Q127OcCAA→TAATT11492 eut(N)+
eutT78 Q134OpTGG→TGATT11406 eut(N)+
eutT74 Q177AmCAG→TAGTT11491 eut(N)+
eutD64 Q18AmCAG→TAGTT11481 eut(N)+
eutD53 Q35OcCAA→TAATT11470 eut(N)
eutD10 Q156AmCAG→TAGTT11515 eut(N)+
eutD12 R173OpCGA→TGATT11538 eut(N)+
  • a Original amino acid (left) and substitution (right) flank the position of the affected codon in the gene. Nonsense codons are abbreviated as follows: Am, amber (TAG); Op, opal (TGA); Oc, ocher (TAA).

  • b Unlisted mutations eutT88(TT11505) and eutT90 (TT11507) are recurrences of the same mutation as listed mutation eutT62, i.e., Q184Am.