Table 2.

Sensitivity of mutant strains to inhibition by oxidants

B. fragilisstrainDiam of disk inhibition zone (mm)a
3% H2O23% CHP0.5% TBHP3% MD3% MD + oxygenb
IB260 (katB)1945601830
IB274 (ahpCF)1548581735
IB276 (ahpF)1447511730
IB281 (ahpCF katB)1642501429
IB292A2 (ahpCF katB)1537461328
IB263 (hpr)1030471433
IB286 (ahpCF)1039551631
IB287 (katB)1632501429
  • a Average of three determinations. CHP, cumene hydroperoxide; TBHP, t-butyl hydroperoxide; MD, menadione.

  • b Exposure of plates containing menadione to atmospheric oxygen for 6 h is described in Materials and Methods.