Table 3.

Pdu proteins and proteins of related amino acid sequences

Pdu proteinRelated protein sequencesa
NameFunction (reference or references)Name(s)Function (reference or references)
PocRTranscriptional regulator (8, 37)AraCTranscriptional activator protein (8, 37)
PduFPropanediol diffusion facilitator (13)GlpFGlycerol facilitator (13)
PduAPolyhedral bodies (13)See Table4Carboxysomes, CO2 concentration (36, 48)
PduBPolyhedral bodies (13)CsoS1A (distantly related, 22% identical over 85 amino acids)Carboxysomes, CO2 concentration (36, 48)
PduCB12-dependent diol dehydratase large subunit (10)PddA, DhaB, GldAB12-dependent glycerol and diol dehydratases large subunit (16, 44, 51, 52)
PduDB12-dependent diol dehydratase medium subunit (10)PddB, DhaC, GldBB12-dependent glycerol and diol dehydratases medium subunit (16, 44, 51, 52)
PduEB12-dependent diol dehydratase small subunit (10)PddC, DhaE, GldCB12-dependent glycerol and diol dehydratases small subunit (16, 44, 51, 52)
PduGDiol dehydratase reactivation (10)DdrA, ORFZDiol dehydratase reactivation factor large subunit, cobalamin adenosyltransferase (33, 55)
PduHDiol dehydratase reactivation (this study)DdrBDiol dehydratase reactivating factor small subunit (33, 55)
PduJPolyhedral bodies (this study)See Table4Carboxysomes, CO2 concentration (36, 48)
PduKPolyhedral bodies (this study)See Table4Carboxysomes, CO2 concentration (36, 48)
PduLUnknown (this study)CpcE (distantly related, 25% identical over 93 amino acids)Phycocyanobilin lyase, required for chromophorylation of CpcA (20)
PduMUnknown (this study)NoneNone
PduNPolyhedral bodies (this study)CchB, CcmLCarboxysomes, CO2 concentration (36, 48)
PduOB12 related (this study)ORFW, ORFYHypothetical genes grouped with genes for B12-dependent glycerol dehydratase (16, 44)
PduPCoA-dependent propionaldehyde dehydrogenase (this study)EutE, AdhCoA-dependent aldehyde dehydrogenase (49)
PduQPropanol dehydrogenase (this study)EutG, AdhEAlcohol dehydrogenase (23, 49)
PduSUnknown (this study)RnfC (distantly related, 28% identical [90 of 318 amino acids])Membrane-associated oxidoreductases (42)
PduTPolyhedral bodies (this study)See Table 4Carboxysomes, CO2 concentration (36, 48)
PduUPolyhedral bodies (this study)EutSCarboxysomes, CO2 concentration (36, 48)
PduVUnknown (this study)EutPNone
PduWPropionate kinase (this study)AckAcetate kinase
PduXUnknown (this study)NoneNone
  • a Except where sequences are stated to be distantly related, all sequences were ≥35% identical and had BlastP Expect values of ≤7 × 10−6.