Table 1.

E. coli K-12 strains and plasmids used

Strain or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference
 CSH135F′lacZ::Mu cts62 Mu dX Δ(gpt-lac) his met tyr gyrA rpsL38
 DH5αΔlacU169 recA1 endA1 gyrA96 relA1 hsdR17 thi-1 supE44Laboratory collection
 GM37MC4100 Φ(proU-lacZ)2(Hyb) (λp lacMu15)34
 HYD723MC4100 nikA(hydC)::Mu dI(Aprlac)57
 MC4100araD139 Δ(argF-lac)U169 rpsL150 relA1 flbB5301 deoC1 ptsF25 rbsRLaboratory collection
 MG1655λ FprototrophLaboratory collection
 MH225MC4100 Φ(ompC-lacZ+)10-2521
 PHL628MG1655 malA-kan ompR23456
 PHL644MC4100malA-kan ompR23456
 PHL665PHL644 pepT::lacZ (Mu dX)This study
 PHL698YK3421 malA-kanThis study
 PHL699YK3421 malA-kan ompR234This study
 PHL701SG20781 malA-kan ompR234This study
 PHL702SG20781 malA-kanThis study
 PHL744MC4100 malT54::Tn10 ompR23456
 PHL789MC4100pepT::lacZ (Mu dX)malT54::Tn10This study
 PHL801MC4100 pepT::lacZ (Mu dX) ompR331::Tn10This study
 PHL825PHL644 f92::lacZ (Mu dX)This study
 PHL826SG20781ompR331::Tn10This study
 PHL840MH225 malA-kan ompR23456
 PHL861MC4100f92::lacZ (Mu dX)ompR331::Tn10This study
 PHL863GM37 malT54::Tn10 ompR234This study
 PHL864GM37malT54::Tn10This study
 PHL865GM37ompR331::Tn10This study
 PHL868MC4100 f92::lacZ (Mu dX) malT54::Tn10This study
 PHL923YK3421ompR331::Tn10This study
 PHL965HYD723 malA-kan ompR234This study
 PHL1036SG20781 pCP994 (Apr)This study
 PHL1064GM37 pCP994 (Apr)This study
 SG20781MC4100 wcaB10(cpsB10)::lac-Mu-immλ7
 YK410FaraD139 ΔlacU169 rpsL thi nalA thyA pyrC46 his31
 YK3421YK410fliC (hag)::Mu d(Aprlac)31
 pCP752pPH126 (51) with a 14-kb PstI fragment cloned in NsiI and harboring a genomic fragment (5 kb) with the pepT gene fused to the lacZ gene from Mu dXThis study
 pCP832pBR322 with a 16-kb PstI fragment harboring a genomic fragment (7 kb) with the f92 gene fused to thelacZ gene from Mu dXThis study
 pCP994pKK233-2 (2) with a 697-bp fragment containing the csgDORFThis study