Table 5.

Analysis of the hybrid progeny

CrossHybrid no.Nuclear patternMitochondrial patternGrowth ona:
YPD mediumSD
Y184 × Y2451–10 S. cerevisiae and S. bayanus S. cerevisiae ++++++
Y169 × Y2441–10 S. cerevisiae and S. bayanus S. cerevisiae ++++++
Y185 × Y3391–6 S. exiguus S. exiguus ++
Y184 × Y3441–20CBS 6463ρ ++/−b
Y345 × Y2571–10 S. exiguus S. exiguus ++++
11–20 S. castellii S. castellii ++
Y345 × Y3441–10 S. exiguus S. exiguus ++
11–20CBS 6463ρ ++
Y184 × Y344Y507CBS 6463 plus one band from S. cerevisiae ρ ++/−
Y257 × Y245Y500Mixed parental and new bands S. bayanus ++++++
  • a +++, very good growth; −, no growth; +/−, very weak growth; +, weak growth.

  • b Most of these hybrids had reduced viability on any medium, and they were difficult to propagate.