Table 5.

Genes involved in cell processes and global regulation showing significant expression ratios

Functional groupGeneGene productLog ratio (minimal/rich medium)
Cell processesosmCOsmotically inducible protein1.204
msyBAcidic protein suppresses mutants lacking function of protein export0.837
glgSGlycogen biosynthesis0.794
otsBTrehalose-6-phosphate phophatase0.777
ficInduced in stationary phase, affects cell division0.654
glgCGlucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase0.649
osmYHyperosmotically inducible periplasmic protein0.580
bolAPossible regulator of murein genes0.564
otsATrehalose-6-phosphate synthase0.556
cspDCold shock protein0.540
cbpACurved DNA binding protein0.540
envYEnvelope protein, thermoregulation of porin biosynthesis0.477
uspAUniversal stress protein0.469
motAProton conductor component of motor0.457
glgB1,4-α-Glucan branching enzyme0.430
sodCSuperoxide dismutase precursor (Cu-Zn)0.430
pbpGPenicillin binding protein 70.406
acrFIntegral transmembrane protein0.400
sodBSuperoxide dismutase, iron−0.904
Cell structurenlpDLipoprotein0.629
slpOuter membrane protein induced after carbon starvation0.549
Regulatory functiondpsGlobal regulator, starvation conditions1.402
rpoSRNA polymerase, sigma S (sigma38) factor0.766
atoSSensor protein AtoS for response regulator AtoC0.580
rseASigma E factor, negative regulatory protein0.538
arsRTranscriptional repressorars operon0.530
molR1Molybdate metabolism regulator0.521
lrpRegulator for leucine (orlrp) regulon0.511
srlRRegulator forgut (srl), glucitol operon0.464
tarMethyl-accepting chemotaxis protein II0.463
phoUNegative regulator for pho regulon0.457
narPNitrate/nitrite response regulator (sensor NarQ)0.444
rpoESigma E factor; heat shock and oxidative stress0.425
wrbAtrp repressor binding protein0.420
rcsBPositive regulator for colanic capsule biosynthesis (sensor, RcsC)0.416
fadRNegative regulator for fad regulon, positive activator offabA−0.662
cspACold shock protein, transcriptional activator of hns−0.776
fisSite-specific DNA inversion stimulation factor; DNA binding protein−0.818