Table 1.

Putative and characterized pXO1 genes and their functionsa

ORFStart siteStop siteStrandSize (aa)Gene product (size) and type; organism of origin (accession no.); and similarity to pXO1 or other relevant characteristics
0765448190548Reverse transcriptase (574 aa), IS629; E. coli (AB11549); 306/543 aa positive (56%)
1315040190021,320Erythrocyte invasion/rhoptry protein (2,401 aa); P. yoelii (U36927 ); 520/1194 aa positive (43%)
182512426071+315Integrase/recombinase protein (311 aa); M. thermoautotrophicum (AE000865 ); 97/208 aa positive (46%)
233162133006461Potential coding region (609 aa); Clostridium difficile (X98606 ); 249/390 aa positive (63%); also similar to maturase-related protein from Pseudomonas alcaligenes; gene not predicted by GeneMark.hmm
354210343539+478Transposase (478 aa), IS231E; B. thuringiensis (Q02403 ); 455/478 aa positive (95%)
364380845262484Transposase (478 aa), IS231E; B. thuringiensis (Q02403 ); 347/468 aa positive (74%)
394891249889325Transposase (478 aa), IS231E; B. thuringiensis (Q02403 ); 282/299 aa positive (94%)
455765958966435Cell division protein (372 aa), ftsZ; P. horikoshii (AP000001 ); 103/213 aa positive (48%)
546763468815+393S-layer precursor/surface layer protein (814 aa); B. anthracis(P49051 ); 162/353 aa positive (45%) (limited to SLH domains)
597406875501+477Secretory protein kinase (474 aa), kln; C. limicola (U77780 ); 166/310 aa positive (53%); also similar to B. pertussis 339-aaVirB11 gene product
799144395111+1,222Hypothetical hydrophobic protein (567 aa); Bacillus firmus (U64515 ); 127/269 aa positive (47%)
819597897363+461Ras- and transposon-related protein (225 aa), yocA; B. subtilis (AF027868 ); 90/158 aa positive (56%)
8599636100319+227Hypothetical protein (244 aa),ydiL in bltr-spoIIC intergenic region; B. subtilis (D88802 ); 109/222 aa positive (49%)
86100777101922381Hypothetical protein (402 aa), yrkO; B. subtilis (D84432 ); 199/376 aa positive (52%)
87101962102444160Unknown function, putative thioredoxin (137 aa), yolI; B. subtilis (Z99115 ); 55/99 aa positive (55%)
90106772108730+652Hypothetical protein (980 aa), PFB0765w; Plasmodium falciparum(AE001417 ); 290/599 aa positive (48%)
91109000109842+280Hypothetical protein (193 aa), ywoA in ngrB-spoIIQ intergene region;B. subtilis (P94571 ); 86/170 aa positive (50%)
93111374112474+366Hyaluronate synthase (419 aa), hasA; Streptococcus pyogenes (L21187 ); 211/287 aa positive (73%) and 36/48 aa positive (73%)
94112516113403+296UDP-glucose-pyrophosphorylase (292 aa), gtaB; B. subtilis (Q05852 ); 221/286 aa positive (77%)
95113430114761+443Putative NDP-sugar-dehydrogenase (440 aa), ywqF; B. subtilis (Z99122 ); 333/434 aa positive (76%)
96116307117131+274Putative transposase for IS1627; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis Sterne L element (U30714 ); GeneMark.hmm truncates gene
103123018123971+317Probable integrase/recombinase (296 aa), ripX; B. subtilis(P46352 ); 93/193 aa positive (48%)
107127442129871+809Anthrax toxin lethal factor,lef; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis (M29081 andM30210 )
10913193913223899Similar to small DNA binding proteins, pagR; plasmid pXO1, B. anthracis (AF031382 ) (formerly called tcrA)
110133161135455764Anthrax toxin protective antigen, pagA, formerly pag; plasmid pXO1;B. anthracis (M22589 )
111136229136843204Hypothetical protein in the protective antigen domain, ypa; plasmid pXO1;B. anthracis (M22589 )
112138540139523327Spore germination responsegerXC; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis (AF108144 ), similar to gerKC in B. subtilis
113139480140958492Spore germination response,gerXA; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis (AF108144 ), similar to yfkQ, gerBA, and gerAA inB. subtilis
114141002142081359Spore germination response,gerXB; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis (AF108144 ), similar to gerKb in Bacillus subtilis
115142410142991193Resolvase (191 aa), Tn1546-like; Enterococcus faecium (Q06237 ); 125/185 aa positive (67%)
116143195146110+972Transposase for TN21 (988 aa), tnpA; E. coli (P13694 ); 619/916 aa positive (67%)
118149232149684150Unknown function; plasmid pXO1, B. anthracis (LI3841)
119150042151469+475trans-acting positive regulator, atxA; plasmid pXO1, B. anthracis (L13841 )
120152064152636+190Putative transposase (401 aa); S. pyogenes (AF064540 ); 108/182 aa positive (59%)
121153605153937110Adenine phosphoribosyl transferase, apt; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis(AF003936 ), similar to adenine phosphoribosyl transferase in B. subtilis
122154224156626800Calmodulin-sensitive adenylate cyclase/edema factor, cya; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis (M23179 and M24074 )
127162232162876214Putative transposase for IS1627; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis (U30712 ) Sterne R element ORF B
129163846164238+130Truncated transposase for IS1627; B. anthracis (U30712 ); 93/137 aa positive (67%)
130165317166030+237Hypothetical protein (251 aa), yrpE; B. subtilis (U93875 ); 213/251 aa positive (84%)
132167948169033+361Putative integrase (356 aa); Streptococcus mutans (AF065141 ); 206/347 aa positive (59%); gene not predicted by GeneMark.hmm
13617228517380+364Response regulator aspartate phosphatase C (383 aa), rapC; B. subtilis (D50453 ); 126/238 aa positive (52%) and 52/117 aa positive (44%)
137173709173894+61Hypothetical protein similar to host factor protein 1 (68 aa), ymaH;B. subtilis (Z99113 ); 41/58 aa positive (70%)
13817420017449397Small DNA binding,pagR-like; B. anthracis (AF031382 ); 63/98 aa positive (70%)
13917458117487196Hypothetical protein (138 aa), uvgU; B. subtilis (Z99121 ); 59/96 aa positive (61%)
141175663176307214Thermonuclease precursor (TNASE)/micrococcal nuclease (231 aa); S. aureus (P00644 ); 104/188 aa positive (55%)
142176736179399887Topoisomerase 1,top1; plasmid pXO1; B. anthracis (M97227 )
  • a Each ORF is defined by a start and stop site and by the size of the protein product. The comment section contains a description of the related protein, its function and the degree of similarity between the pXO1 protein and its relative. Only ORFs which yielded BLAST P-value scores lower than 10−8 are included in this table.