Table 2.

Colonization in mice by wild-type and fliDmutant H. pylori SS1

InoculumaNo. of mice colonized/totalbCFU/g of gastric tissuec ± SD (105)
By cultureBy PCR
H. pyloriSS13/33/32.23 ± 0.12
H. pylori SS1fliD::Km0/30/30
  • a Each mouse (strain C57BL/6) received 108 CFU of H. pylori SS1 wild type orfliD mutant in 0.4 ml of brain heart infusion (BHI) broth, twice at 2-day intervals. Control mice received 0.4 ml of BHI broth alone.

  • b H. pylori colonization in gastric tissue was assessed at 10 days postinoculation by culture and PCR.

  • c Numbers of H. pylori CFU recovered following homogenization of gastric tissue samples. The results are geometric means for three mice per group.