Table 1.

Strains, plasmids, and phages used in this study

Strain, plasmid, or phageRelevant genotypeSource or reference
 ECL3999MC4100 but adhE::kan 18
 ECL4010Same as MC4100 but λADHpr291This study
 ECL4011Same as MC4100 but λADHop291This study
 ECL4012Same as MC4100 but λADHpr656This study
 ECL4013Same as MC4100 but λADHop656This study
 ECL4014Same as MC4100 but λADHop2656This study
 ECL4053Same as MC4100 but λADHop3656This study
 ECL4015Same as ECL4011 butrnc::Tn10 P1(RS6521) × ECL4011
 ECL4016Same as ECL4012 butrnc::Tn10 P1(RS6521) × ECL4012
 ECL4017Same as ECL4013 butrnc::Tn10 P1(RS6521) × ECL4013
 ECL4018Same as ECL4010 butrnc::Tn10 P1(RS6521) × ECL4010
 ECL4020Same as ECL4011 butfnr-271::Tn10 P1(VJS1741) × ECL4011
 ECL4022Same as ECL4013 butfnr-271::Tn10 P1(VJS1741) × ECL4013
 ECL4024Same as ECL4011 butcra::Tn10 P1(LJ2805) × ECL4011
 ECL4027Same as ECL4011 butfis::kan P1(RJ708) × ECL4011
 ECL4028Same as ECL4013 butfis::kan P1(RJ708) × ECL4013
 ECL4031Same as ECL4011 butappY::aphA P1(TC3572) × ECL4011
 ECL4032Same as ECL4013 butappY::aphA P1(TC3572) × ECL4013
 ECL4033Same as ECL4011 butnarL::Tn10 P1(RK5267) × ECL4011
 ECL4034Same as ECL4013 butnarL::Tn10 P1(RK5267) × ECL4013
 ECL4055Same as ECL4011 butrpoS::kan P1(ECL1226) × ECL4011
 ECL4056Same as ECL4011 butrpoS::kan fnr-271::Tn10 P1(ECL1226) × ECL4020
 ECL4054Same as MC4100 but λADHop656TATAThis study
 LJ2805 cra::Tn10 6
 MC4100F′ ΔlacU169 rpsL150 5
 RJ708 fis::kan Reid Johnson
 RK5267 narL::Tn10 Valley Stewart
 RS6521 rnc::Tn10 R. W. Simons
 TC3572 appY::aphA 3
 VJS1741 fnr-271::Tn10 Valley Stewart
 ECL1226 rpoS::kan Laboratory collection
 pADH8Apr adhE + 5
 pADHop2656pRS415/ADHop2656a This study
 pADHop291pRS415/ADHop291a This study
 pADHop656pRS415/ADHop656a This study
 pADHpr291pRS414/ADHpr291a This study
 pADHpr656pRS414/ADHpr656a This study
 pRS414Apr lacZYA +(protein fusion) 25
 pRS415Apr lacZYA +(operon fusion) 25
 pJAMDH1pBR322/adhE + up to −656This study
 pJMADH2pBR322/adhE + up to −291This study
 pJMADH3pBR322/adhE + up to −656 but Pribnow TACAAT box (from positions −304 to −298) changed to CGGGCC This study
 λADHop291(adhE-lacZ)b This study
 λADHop656(adhE-lacZ)b This study
 λADHpr291(adhE-lacZ)b This study
 λADHpr656(adhE-lacZ)b This study
 λADHop2656(adhE-lacZ)b This study
 λADHop3656(adhE-lacZ)b This study
  • a For details, see Fig. 1.

  • b For details, see Fig. 2.