Table 1.

E. coli K-12 strains

StrainRelevant genotypeaReference or source
N2973 recG162::Tn10 14
N3793ΔrecG263::kan 18
AM561ΔruvAC65 eda-51::Tn10 19
HRS1200ΔruvC200::kan 25
AC227λ (ind) 6
AC258 recD1009 [λ (ind)] 6
AC259 recJ284::Tn10 [λ (ind)] 6
AC261 recD1011 recJ284::Tn10 [λ (ind)] 5
AC263 recD1011 xonA2 [λ (ind)] 5
AC267 xonA2 [λ (ind)] 6
AC280ΔrecG263::kan [λ (ind)]P1 N3793 × AC227 to Kmr
AC284 recD1009ΔrecG263::kan [λ (ind)]P1 N3793 × AC258 to Kmr
AC287 recD1009 recG162::Tn10[λ (ind)]P1 N2973 × AC258 to Tcr
AC297 recG162::Tn10 [λ (ind)]P1 N2973 × AC227 to Tcr
AC301ΔruvC200::kan [λ (ind)]P1 HRS1200 × AC227 to Kmr
AC303 ΔruvAC65 eda-51::Tn10[λ (ind)]P1 AM561 × AC227 to Tcr
AC309 recD1011 recJ284::Tn10ΔrecG263::kan [λ (ind)]P1 N3793 × AC261 to Kmr
AC312 recD1009 ΔruvAC65 eda-51::Tn10[λ (ind)]P1 AM561 × AC258 to Tcr
AC314 recD1011 [λ (ind)] 6
AC318 xonA2ΔrecG263::kan [λ (ind)]P1 N3793 × AC267 to Kmr
AC319 recJ284::Tn10ΔrecG263::kan [λ (ind)]P1 N3793 × AC259 to Kmr
AC320 recD1011 recJ284::Tn10ΔruvC200::kan [λ (ind)]P1 HRS1200 × AC261 to Kmr
AC321 recD1011 xonA2ΔrecG263::kan [λ (ind)]P1 N3793 × AC263 to Kmr
AC322 recJ284::Tn10 ΔruvC200::kan [λ (ind)]P1 HRS1200 × AC259 to Kmr
AC323 recD1011 ΔruvC:200:kan[λ (ind)]P1 HRS1200 × AC258 to Kmr
AC324 recD1011ΔrecG263::kan [λ (ind)]P1 N3793 × AC258 to Kmr
AC325 recD1011 xonA2 ΔruvC200::kan[λ (ind)]P1 HRS1200 × AC263 to Kmr
AC326 xonA2ΔruvC200::kan[λ (ind)]P1 HRS1200 × AC267 to Kmr
  • a All strains are isogenic derivatives of AC227. Other markers are thi-1 his-4Δ(gpt-proA)62 argE3 thr-1 leuB6 kdgK51 ara14 lacY1 galK2 xyl5 mtl-1 tsx-33 supE44 rpsL31.