Table 1.

Comparison of chip results to Northern data

GeneChip (arbitrary units)Chip ratio, anaerobe/aerobeNorthern ratioaComment
CYC1 1,2833,6211:2.81:7.3Same RNA sample (this study)
ROX1 2891,2371:4.31:9.8Same RNA sample (this study)
DAN1 5,72614340:1>40:1b Same RNA sample (this study)
MAE1 1,7093924.4:13-4:1Same strain, same conditions, different samples (4)
ACS1 3402,1801:6.4>6.4b Different strain, same conditions (23)
ACS2 2,8952,7551.1:12.8:1Different strain, same conditions (23)
  • a From phosphorimager read-outs normalized to the ACT1 or PDA1 mRNA signal.

  • b Anaerobic signal was 0.