Table 1.

E. coli strains used in this study

StrainGenotypeaSource or referenceb
BW13711ΔlacX74 B. Wanner, Purdue University
BW16463ΔlacX74Δ(ackA-pta-hisQ-hisP)zej-223::Tn10 B. Wanner, Purdue University
BW16545ΔlacX74 ackA200 zej-223::Tn10 B. Wanner, Purdue University
Gal5HfrP4X thi metB lacI spoT1 relA1 This laboratory
GPH8252BW13711 Φ(ompF′-lacZ +)7.14 P1/MA2946 × BW13711 (ColAr Lac+)
GPH8255GPH8252 Δ(ackA-pta-hisQ-hisP)zej-223::Tn10 P1/BW16463 × GPH8252 (Tetr Ac+/−)
GPH8257GPH8252ackA200 zej-223::Tn10 P1/BW16545 × GPH8252 (Tetr Ac+/−)
GPH8259BW13711 Φ(ompC′-lacZ +)10.21 P1/MA2948 × BW13711 (Lac+)
GPH8262SG477malT54::Tn10 P/TST3 × SG477 (Tetr MeIr)
GPH8264GPH8252malT54::Tn10 envZ22(Am)P1/GPH8262 × GPH8252 (Tetr MeIr)
GPH8268GPH8252envZ22(Am)P1/Gal5 × GPH8264 (Mal+MeIr)
GPH8273GPH8268 Δ(ackA-pta-hisQ-hisP)zej-223::Tn10 P1/BW16463 × GPH8268 (Tetr Ac+/−)
GPH8274GPH8268ackA200 zej-223::Tn10 P1/BW16545 × GPH8268 (Tetr Ac+/−)
GPH8277GPH8259envZ22(Am)malT54::Tn10 P1/GPH8262 × GPH8259 (Tetr Lac)
GPH8280GPH8259ackA200 zej-223::Tn10 P1/BW16545 × GPH8259 (Tetr Ac)
GPH8282GPH8259 Δ(ackA-pta-hisQ-hisP)zej-223::Tn10 P1/BW16463 × GPH8259 (Tetr Ac)
GPH8285GPH8259envZ22(Am)P1/Gal5 × GPH8277 (Mal+Lac)
GPH8291GPH8285 ackA200 zej-223::Tn10 P1/BW16545 × GPH8285 (Tetr Ac)
GPH8293GPH8285 Δ(ackA-pta-hisQ-hisP)zej-223::Tn10 P1/BW16463 × GPH8285 (Tetr Ac)
JC2296Hfr P4X thi metB1 relA1 spoT1 Δ(lac)U169 This laboratory
MA2946JC2296 Φ(ompF′-lacZ +)7.14 6
MA2948JC2296 Φ(ompC′-lacZ +)10.21 6
MC4100F Δ(lac)U169 araD139 rpsL relA thiA flbB M. Casadaban, University of Chicago
SG477MC4100 envZ22(Am) 4
TST3F araD139Δ(argF-lac)205 flbB5301 pstF25 relA1 rpsL150 malT54::Tn10 deoC1 T. J. Silhavy, Princeton University
  • a Genetic nomenclature is from Berlyn (1).

  • b P1/A × B indicates that a P1 lysate propagated on strain A was used to transduce strain B. Transductants were selected for the first phenotype in parentheses and analyzed for the second one. Tetr, ColAr, and MeIr indicate resistance to tetracycline at 15 μg/ml−1, colicin A, and bacteriophage MeI, respectively. Lac+ or Lac, Mal+, and Ac+/−, or Ac indicate growth or no growth with 0.2% lactose as the carbon source, growth with 0.2% maltose, and slow or no growth with 0.4% potassium acetate, respectively.