Table 1.

Amino acid sequence comparison of family B DNA polymerases

Sourceb% Identity of sequence froma: (identical amino acids/common length)
P. islandicum B3 (785 aa)P. occultum B3 (803 aa)A. pernix B3 (772 aa)S. solfataricus B3 (764 aa)A. fulgidus B3 (781 aa)P. furiosus B3 (771 aa)Thermococcussp. 9°N-7 B3 (775 aa)P. occultum B1 (914 aa)A. pernix B1 (923 aa)S. solfataricus B1 (882 aa)C. symbiosum B1 (844 aa)
P. islandicum B3100
P. occultumB353100
A. pernix B35359100
S. solfataricus B3323435100
A. fulgidus B342454431100
P. furiosus B33739382941100
Thermococcus sp. 9°N-7 B3363739284080100
P. occultumB133323524313032100
A. pernixB13132312331292949100
S. solfataricusB1303133223031305246100
C. symbiosumB127303122282828424038100
S. solfataricusB23030272329262728272427
  • a Identity values were calculated by the program SPADE (C. Vorgias and K. Paliakasis, personal communication) in pairwise comparisons. The values are indicated as percent identities in common length of both aligned sequences. aa, amino acids.

  • b Nomenclature of the polymerases (B1, B2, and B3) is that of Edgell et al. (15).