Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidCharacteristicsSource or reference
B. subtilis
 BR95 trpC2 pheA1 ilvC1 Our collection
 LUR252 trpC2 ilvC1 glpP12 glpD52 (insertion of an extra GC in the glpDleader) 17
 LUZ9595BR95 with insertion of a wild-type glpD leader-lacZ fusion intoamyE; Kmr 18
 LUZ1212LUR252 with insertion of a LUR252 glpDleader-lacZ fusion into amyE; Kmr This work
E. coli
 MC4100F araD139Δ(argF-lac)U169 rpsL150 relA1 flbB5301 deoC1 ptsF25 rbsR 14
 MC4100D1MC4100 [λφ(wild-type glpD leader-lacZfusion)] 16
 MC4100D2MC4100 [λφ(LUR252 glpD leader-lacZfusion)]This work
 BL321F thi-1 argH1 gal-6 lacY1 mtl-2 xyl-7 malA1 ara-13 str-9 tonA2 lambdarsupE44 rnc-105 40
 BL322As BL321 but rnc + 40
 pHP13CmrEmr 19
 pPHis1Derivative of pHP13 carrying a glpP gene coding for GlpP with six extra carboxy-terminal histidine residues 18
 pMD433ΔamyE::′lacZ; Kmr Apr 9
 pLUM1041Derivative of pMD433; ΔamyE::wild-type glpDleader-lacZ fusion 18
 pLUM1043Derivative of pMD433; ΔamyE::LUR252 glpDleader-lacZ fusionThis work