Table 1.

Plasmids used in this studya

PlasmidDescriptionSource or reference
pBC SK(+)ColE1 ori; CmrStratagene
pCR-Script Amp SK(+)ColE1 ori; AprStratagene
pMAL-c2ColE1 ori; Apr; malE fusion expression vectorNew England BioLabs
pBAD/His-CColE1 ori; Apr; His-tag expression vectorInvitrogen
pNJR6RSF1010 ori; Knr (Emr)44
R702IncP; Kmr Smr Tcr; helper plasmid for triparental conjugation18
pLYL03ColE1 ori; Apr (Emr);Bacteroides-Flavobacterium suicide vector used to make chromosomal insertions25
pTGL130ColE1 ori; Apr Tcr11
R751::Tn4351Ω4IncP; TprTcr (Emr); Vector used for Tn4351mutagenesis39
pEP4351pir-requiring R6K oriV; RP4 oriT; Cmr Tcr (Emr); vector used for Tn4351 mutagenesis9
pCP11ColE1 ori; (pCP1 ori); Apr (Emr);E. coli-F. johnsoniae shuttle plasmid27
pCP19(pCP1 ori); (Emr); F. johnsoniaeplasmid2
pCP22RSF1010 ori; (pCP1 ori); Knr (Emr); E. coli-F. johnsoniaeshuttle cosmidThis study
pCP23ColE1 ori; (pCP1 ori); Apr (Tcr); E. coli-F. johnsoniaeshuttle plasmid2
pCP26RSF1010 ori; (pCP1 ori); Knr Tcr (Emr); E. coli-F. johnsoniae shuttle cosmidThis study
pCP200RSF1010 ori; (pCP1 ori); Tcr(Emr); cosmid clone complementing F. johnsoniaeUW102-99This study
pDH65Nucleotides 145–754 ofgldB in pBC SK(+); CmrThis study
pDH2221.9-kb XbaI-ClaI fragment of pCP200 in pBC SK(+); CmrThis study
pDH2231.9-kbXbaI-SalI fragment of pDH222 in pCP11; Apr (Emr)This study
pDH226850-bpPstI-PvuII fragment of pDH65 cloned intoPstI-SmaI-cut pBC SK(+); CmrThis study
pDH227854-bp PstI-BamHI fragment of pDH226 cloned into pLYL03; Apr (Emr); plasmid for gldB gene disruptionThis study
pDH2331.9-kbXbaI-KpnI fragment of pDH222 in pCP23; Apr (Tcr)This study
pDH238497-bp fragment containing 3′ end of gldB in SrfI site of pCR-Script SK(+); AprThis study
pDH240368-bp fragment containing gldC in SrfI site of pCR-Script SK(+); AprThis study
pDH241335-bpPstI-HindIII fragment of pDH240 in pBAD/His-C; Apr; plasmid for gldCoverexpressionThis study
pDH2421-kb fragment containinggldB in SrfI site of pCR-Script SK(+); AprThis study
pDH2431-kb fragment containinggldB in pCP11; Apr (Emr)This study
pDH2451-kb fragment containing gldB in pBC SK(+); CmrThis study
pDH2461-kb fragment containing gldB in pCP23; Apr(Tcr)This study
pDH250479-bpPstI-HindIII fragment of pDH238 in pMAL-c2; Apr; plasmid for gldB overexpressionThis study
  • a Antibiotic resistance phenotypes: ampicillin, Apr; chloramphenicol, Cmr; erythromycin, Emr; kanamycin, Knr; streptomycin, Smr; tetracycline, Tcr; trimethoprim, Tpr. Unless indicated otherwise, antibiotic resistance genes and origins of replication are those expressed byE. coli. Antibiotic resistance phenotypes and other features listed in parentheses are those expressed by F. johnsoniaebut not by E. coli.