Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Stain or plasmidRelevant genotype and/or phenotypeReference or construction
CC118λpir on the chromosome16
HEHA4BD1428; Δfim::kanThis study
HEHA6BD1428; fimE+This study
HEHA9BD1428; ΔoxyR::Ω(Spr)This study
HEHA11BD1428; flu::tetThis study
HEHA17HEHA11; Δfim::kanThis study
N9716GC4468; ΔoxyR::Ω(Spr)G. Storz
PC31fim+ reference strain18
pGP704Ampr; R6K-based origin (pir)16
pHHA130Camr; oxyR+A 2,040-bp PCR fragment (primers 5 and 6) containing the oxyRgene from PC31 inserted into the HindIII site of pACYC184
pHHA145Ampr Tetr;StyI site deletedpBR322 cut with StyI, blunted with Klenow polymerase, and religated
pHHA146AmprA 3,522-bp PCR fragment (primers 1 and 2) containing the flu gene from PC31 inserted intoEcoRI/BamHI site of pBR322
pHHA154AmprA 3,550-bp PCR fragment containing the flu gene inserted into the EcoRV site of pHHA145
pHHA159Ampr TetrA 1,724-bpBsaAI/SspI fragment containing the tetgene inserted into the (blunted) StyI site of pHHA154
pHHA161Camr;fimE+-fimC+A 5,492-bpHindIII/EcoRI fragment containing thefimE to fimC genes inserted in the same sites of pMAK700oriT
pHHA165Ampr Tetr;flu::tetA 5,450-bp EcoRI fragment containing the flu::tetconstruct inserted into the EcoRI site of pGP704
pMAK700oriTCamr; Ts originT. Chakraborty
pMAS32Ampr;lacUV5::fimA-HPart of thefim gene cluster (fimA to fimH) inserted behind the lacUV5 promoter