Table 3.

Comparison of amino acids at the active sites of selected dioxygenase α subunits

PositionbAmino acid in the following enzymea:NDO mutation(s)
201AsnAsnAsnGlnGlnGlnAla, Gln, Ser
202PhePhePhePhePhePheLeu, Val
260ValAsnValLeuSerMetAla, Leu, Asn
351ThrSerSerThrAsnThrAsn, Arg, Ser
352PheIleThrPhePhePheLeu, Val
  • a 2NTDOJS42, 2NTDO fromPseudomonas sp. strain JS42 (47); DNTDODNT, DNTDO from Burkholderia sp. strain DNT (62); TDOF1, toluene dioxygenase from P. putida F1 (66); BPDOLB400, BPDO fromBurkholderia sp. strain LB400 (18); BPDOKF707, BPDO from P. pseudoalcaligenes KF707 (63).

  • b Position numbers refer to NDO. Alignments were carried out with the Pileup program (Wisconsin Sequence Analysis Package; Genetics Computer Group, Madison, Wis.) using a gap weight of 3.5 and a gap length of 0.1.