Table 2.

tpr variable region amplification of genomic DNA from Treponema isolates

Isolate or sampleDesignationtprD2 amplicon
T. pallidum subsp.pallidum Nichols, Bal 73-1, Bal-7, Sea 83-1, Chicago
Bal-2, Bal-3, Bal-8, Sea 81-3, Sea 81-4, Sea 84-2, Mexico A+
T. pallidum subsp.pertenue Gauthier
Haiti B,a Samoa D, Samoa F+
T. pallidum subsp. endemicum Iraq B+
Unnamed subspeciesSimian+
T. paraluiscuniculi Cuniculi A, Cuniculi M+
Rabbit DNA
  • a Molecular analysis suggests that the Haiti B isolate may be a T. pallidum subsp.pallidum isolate (3a).