Table 1.

SMR family members identified in B. subtilisand  E. coli a

AbbreviationDescription in databaseOrganismNo. of residuesDatabase and accession no.NCBI (gi) no.
YkkC BsuHypothetical protein B. subtilis 112spP498562632029
YkkD BsuHypothetical protein B. subtilis 105gbAJ0025712632030
EbrA BsuMDR protein B. subtilis 105gbZ991132634114
EbrB BsuMDR protein B. subtilis 117gbZ991132634113
YvdR BsuHypothetical protein B. subtilis 106gbZ940431945677
YvdS BsuHypothetical protein B. subtilis 114gbZ940431945678
YvaE BsuSimilar to multidrug-efflux transporter B. subtilis 119gbZ991212635870
Ebr EcoPutative ethidium bromide resistance protein; plasmid encoded E. coli 115spP14502119115
SugE EcoSugE protein E. coli 105spP307433915875
b1599 EcoPutative ethidium bromide resistance protein E. coli 109gbD908021742633
b1600 EcoPutative ethidium bromide resistance protein E. coli 121gbD908021742634
EmrE EcoEthidium bromide-methyl viologen resistance protein E. coli 110spP23895127565
  • a This table lists SMR family homologues identified in the completely sequenced genomes of B. subtilis and E. coli. Homologues in archaea and eukaryotes, as well as numerous bacteria, have also been identified (D. L. Jack and M. H. Saier, Jr., unpublished results).