Table 2.

MICs for E. coli DH5α bearing the pBAD24 vector with various insertsa

CompoundMIC (μg/ml) with insert
Cationic dyes
 Ethidium bromide5050502,000
 Tetraphenylarsonium chloride2002002001,000
 Crystal violet22250
 Pyronin Y555500
 Methyl viologen5050501,000
 Cetylpyridinium chloride505050500
Neutral antimicrobial
Other antimicrobials
Anionic antimicrobial
  • a The proteins produced by expression in pBAD24 (all SMR genes are from Bacillus subtilis) are as follows: none (no insert); YkkC (ykkC, gi 2632029); YkkD (ykkD, gi 2632030); and YkkC/YkkD (both the ykkCand ykkD genes are expressed under the control of the singleP BAD promoter).