Table 1.

Phenotypes of mus mutants

StrainNo. of siblingsaMotility in M9bChemotaxis toward seedcCell morphologyColony morphology
Wild type++NormalNormal
mus-51 (1)+/−+NormalNormal
mus-91 (1)++NormalNormal
mus-138 (4)+/−+/−NormalNormal
mus-202 (1)++NormalNormal
mus-215 (2)++NormalNormal
mus-221 (1)++/−ElongatedNormal
mus-241 (1)++ElongatedSmall (in LB)
mus-271 (1)++NormalSmall (in LB)
  • a Deduced from Southern hybridization, some confirmed by sequencing (number of sequenced clones is in parentheses).

  • b +, motility or chemotaxis halos undistinguishable from the parental strain; +/−, delay in the appearance of halos with respect to the wild type.