Table 2.

Molecular characterization of mus mutants

LocusGene or homologs (organism[s])Possible functionP. putidacontigaHomology in P. aeruginosa
mus-5 orfb1202,prn (E. coli, B. pertussis)Adhesion factorNDNot found
mus-9 No matchUnknownNDContig 54, 90% (in 50 nt)
mus-13 cstA (E. coli)Peptide transportall_930, all_931Contig 49, 86%
mus-20 No matchUnknownNDNot found
mus-21 kefB,kefC (E. coli, Myxococcus)Efflux pumpall_521Contig 53, 82%
mus-22 No matchUnknownNDNot found
mus-24 expE1(S. meliloti)Calcium-binding proteinall_2222Not found
mus-27 ethA, hlyA (E. tarda, Proteus)Hemolysinall_1784Not found
  • a Contigs follow the nomenclature provided by the databases. nd, contig containing the relevant sequence could not be unambiguously determined.