Table 1.

Mycobacterial strains used for DNA sequencing

Strain no.aOriginal designationSpeciesOriginAccession no.cSource or reference
1 NLA009400768 M. tuberculosis Human AF189746/AF189747 This laboratory
2 NLA009400982 M. tuberculosis Human AF189748/AF189749 This laboratory
3 NLA000016314 M. tuberculosis Human (previously strain 103) AF189750/AF189751 Kremer et al. (22)
4 NLA009400319 M. tuberculosis Human AF189752/AF189753 This laboratory
5 NLA000016923 M. tuberculosis Human AF189754/AF189755 This laboratory
6 NLA009700584 M. tuberculosis Human AF189756/AF189757 This laboratory
7 NLA009401014 M. tuberculosis Human (previously strain 56) AF189758/AF189759 Kremer et al. (22)
8 H37Rv M. tuberculosis Laboratory strain, genome sequenced Z81331 Cole et al. (5)
9 DR strain 86 M. tuberculosis HumanY14045NIDFang et al. (10)
10DR strain 257 M. tuberculosis HumanY14047NIDFang et al. (10)
11DR strain 149 M. tuberculosis HumanY14046NIDFang et al. (10)
12DR strain 191 M. tuberculosis HumanY14048NIDFang et al. (10)
13DR strain 93 M. tuberculosis HumanY14049NIDFang et al. (10)
14CSU#93 M. tuberculosis Human, genome being sequencedB. B. Plikaytis
15NLA009400303 M. tuberculosis Human AF189760 This laboratory
16NLA009400116 M. tuberculosis Human AF189818/AF189761 This laboratory
17NLA000016319 M. tuberculosis Human (previously strain 111) AF189762/AF189763 Kremer et al. (22)
18TN4937 M. tuberculosis Human AF189819/AF189820 This laboratory
19NLA009402008 M. tuberculosis Human AF189821/AF189822 Kremer et al. (22)
20NLA0000000P3 M. bovis BCGVaccine strain, The NetherlandsX57835NIDThis laboratory
21NLA0000Russia M. bovis BCGVaccine strain, Russia AF189823/AF189824 This laboratory
22TMC401 M. bovis BovineU47864NIDBeggs et al. (2)
23NLA009401854 M. bovis Bovine AF189825/AF189826 D. Brittain
24NLA009502227 M. tuberculosiscomplexb Human AF189827 This laboratory
25NLA000016240 M. microti Vole AF189828/AF189829 Van Soolingen et al. (36)
26NLA000017727 M. canettii Human (previously strain SO93) AF190853 Van Soolingen et al. (37)
27NLA000013667 M. tuberculosis Human, patient 1This laboratory
28NLA000013668 M. tuberculosis Human, patient 1This laboratory
29NLA009602019 M. tuberculosis Human, patient 2This laboratory
30NLA009602017 M. tuberculosis Human, patient 2This laboratory
31NLA000017877 M. tuberculosis HumanThis laboratory
32NLA009401835 M. tuberculosis HumanThis laboratory
33Strain A M. bovis HumanBlazquez et al. (3)
34Strain B M. bovis HumanBlazquez et al. (3)
  • a The complete DR regions of strains 1 to 26 were determined. Strains 27 to 34 comprise presumed isogenic pairs, and only part of the DR region was determined.

  • b Phenotype between M. tuberculosisand M. bovis.

  • c The sequences under two accession numbers were used to obtain the complete sequence of the DR locus.