Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype or phenotypeReference
P. aeruginosa strains
 PAO1Wild type 6
 PDO100 rhlI::Tn501-2; derived from strain PAO1 2
 PAO-R1 lasR::Tet; derived from strain PAO1 5
 PAO-JP2 lasI::TetrhlI::Tn501-2; derived from strain PDO100 18
 pLPRI rhlI′-lacZ transcriptional fusion 26
 pPCS1001 lasR′-lacZtranscriptional fusion 20
 pPCS1002 rhlR′-lacZ transcriptional fusion 20
 pPCS223 lasI′-lacZtranscriptional fusion 26
 pLP170 lacZ transcriptional fusion vector 23
 pTS400 lasB′-lacZtranslational fusion 15
 pECP39 trcp-ΔlasR; encodes autoinducer-independent form of LasR 22