Table 3.

VNTR marker locus attributes

LocusaRepeat sizeb (nucleotides)Array size (no. of repeats)No. of allelesDc
vrrA 122650.50
vrrB 1 9152350.32
vrrB 2 9111530.34
vrrC 1 3641260.55
vrrC 2 18171930.50
  • a VNTR markers found in ORFs are shown in italics.

  • b vrrB repeats are not all identical, as some contain multiple nucleotide differences. vrrC markers contain a degenerate 9-nucleotide subrepeat structure that results in fractional repeat sizes in some alleles.

  • c D is Nei's marker diversity, which is calculated as 1 − Σ(allele frequency)2 and based solely upon the 89 unique B. anthracis genotypes.