Table 1.

B. burgdorferi strains used in this study

StrainrpoS locusgyrBlocusCoumermycin A1phenotypeaReference
B31-Awtb wtSensitive 45
B31-4AwtwtSensitive 10
B31-NGRwt gyrBr Resistant 45
B31-A59wt gyrBr ResistantThis study
B31-A74 rpoS::gyrBr wtResistantThis study
B31-A29 rpoS::gyrBr wtResistantThis study
  • a Coumermycin resistance was defined as the ability to grow in the presence of ≥0.5 μg of coumermycin A1 per ml in liquid or solid BSK.

  • b wt, wild type.