Table 2.

Growth characteristics of C. glutamicum grown on minimal medium with sodium [1-13C]acetate, sodium [1-13C]acetate plus unlabeled glucose, or [5-13C]glucose as the carbon and energy source

Growth parametera(unit)Result for growth on minimal medium with:
120 mM acetate120 mM acetate + 55 mM glucose110 mM glucose
Growth rate (h−1)0.280.360.32
Biomass yield (g of C [dry wt] · [g of C in substrate]−1)0.290.410.41
Acetate consumption rate (nmol · [mg of protein]−1 · min−1)540270
Glucose consumption rate (nmol · [mg of protein]−1 · min−1)72148
Carbon consumption rate (nmol of C · [mg of protein]−1 · min−1)1,080972888
  • a Errors were <5% for determinations of growth rates, <5% for determinations of biomass yields, and <10% for determinations of carbon consumption rates. These data coincided with values obtained from at least three independent cultures with unlabeled substrates.