Table 1.

Expression of sboΔBH-lacZ

StrainRelevant genotypeβ-Galactosidase activity (Miller units)a
ORB3162Wild type1,4622,096
ORB3349 fnr::spc 422,182
ORB3350 ΔnarGH::phleo 521,777
ORB3348 ΔresDE::tet 713
ORB3437 spo0A::erm 220391
ORB3241 abrB::neo 1,681 NTb
ORB3438 spo0A::erm abrB::neo 2,042NT
ORB3384 ΔresDE::tet abrB::neo 14NT
  • a Cells were grown anaerobically in 2xYT medium with 1% glucose supplemented with 0.2% KNO3 or 10 mM KNO2. The maximal activity of at least two independent experiments is shown.

  • b NT, not tested.