Table 1.

Identification of CARGRII gene as SIN3

ExptStrainPlasmidGenotypeArginase specific activity on M.ammoniaa
211S52aura3 cargRII40*
312T7cIIura3 sin3::kanMX449*
412T7cIIIura3 rpd3::kanMX433*
511S52a × 12T7cIIura3 cargRII × ura3 sin3::kanMX446*
611S52a × 12T7cIIIura3 cargRII × ura3 rpd3::kanMX49*
711S52apFV33bura3 cargRII16
811S52apFV36cura3 cargRII40
  • a Arginase specific activity was measured at 30°C after growth of the different strains on M.ammonia–25 μg of uracil per ml where indicated (∗). The specific activity is expressed in micromoles of urea produced per hour and per milligram of protein. The values are the means of two independent assays, and the standard error was 10 to 15%.

  • b Corresponds to pRS416 CEN6 ARS4 URA3 SIN3.

  • c Corresponds to pRS416 CEN6 ARS4 URA3 RPD3.