Table 2.

SNPs detected in oriC, citS,ampC, oprI, and fliC of 12 P. aeruginosa genotypes (reference: PAO1)a

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  • a Strain DSM 1128 is excluded because of its unusually high sequence variability in all analyzed loci. The genotypes of TB, K9, G7, and SG1 are also represented by strains 892 and 63741, K10, G9, and SG31, respectively. Except for one synonymous substitution (1283 G→A of citS, which occurred in strain G9 but not in strain G7), the members of one genotype are identical in their analyzed loci. The presence of a particular substitution is indicated by a black dot. Asterisks mark the five nonsynonymous substitutions that were found. They are responsible for the following amino acid substitutions in ampC: 572 P7S, 789 R79Q, 866 T105A, 1080 L176R, and 1166 V205L. A dash (—) indicates the absence of the respective fliC gene in the genotype.

  • b Positions refer to cited literature.