Table 2.

Activation from PhbpC and PhbpD in dependency of ς54

StrainPlasmidsdLuciferase activity (relative light units) ± SDawith:Induction factorc
No inducer2-HBPb
ET8000pHYBP103, pHYBP1247.48E+04 ± 1.27E+041.49E+06 ± 2.21E+0520
pHYBP106, pHYBP1241.89E+05 ± 9.49E+031.34E+06 ± 1.26E+057.1
ET8045e pHYBP103, pHYBP1248.50E+04 ± 5.00E+038.11E+04 ± 7.94E+030.95
pHYBP106, pHYBP1242.39E+05 ± 1.57E+042.49E+05 ± 1.02E+041.1
  • a All values were obtained in two independent experiments, each performed in triplicate.

  • b Assay concentration for 2-HBP was 0.2 mM.

  • c Induction factor is the quotient of the bioluminescence measured with and without the inducer.

  • d pHYBP103 containshbpC::luxAB; pHYBP106 containshbpD::luxAB; pHYBP124 containshbpR.

  • e RpoN mutant.