Table 2.

Antibiotic sensitivities and EOP conferred bytat mutant strains

Relevant genotype (strain)Zone of inhibition (mm)aEOPb
tat +(MC4100)39400 11
ΔtatB(BØD)714870<10−8 0.79
ΔtatC(B1LK0)713970<10−8 0.73
  • a Measured as diameter on a 13-mm-diameter disk. E, R, A, S, and T disks contained erythromycin (300 μg), rifampin (800 μg), ampicillin (25 μg), SDS (10%), and Triton X-100 (20%), respectively (n = 3 to 4).

  • b The EOP of the parental strain MC4100 was taken as 1, and the mutant EOP values were normalized accordingly.