Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidaPropertiesReference(s) or source
S. aureus strains
 RF122Wild-type strain from bovine mastitis (TSST+SEC+) 12
 RF122-1 tst::Tcr mutantThis study
 RF122-2 tst::Tcr sec::Emr mutantThis study
 RF120SaPIbov-negative strain of same clonal type as RF122 12
 KB103 recAmutant 3
 RN4220Restriction/modification 21
 pJRF sec gene (150-bp internal deletion) with 1.4-kb TaqI Emr insert from pE194 cloned into pUC18This study
 pJRF1016.5-kbHindIII fragment in pBluescript KS(+)This study
 pJRF1024-kb HindIII fragment from RF122 containing left-hand junction cloned into pUC19This study
 pJRF1031-kb PCR product from RF120 containing chromosomal insertion site of SaPIbov cloned into pCR2.1-TOPOThis study
 pJRFsec::Emr pJRF with pTS2 (Cmr) cloned into HindIII site flankingsec geneThis study
 pRN6684 tst::tmn (Tcr) Emr 31
 pCR2.1-TOPOVector for cloning PCR productsInvitrogen
 pE1941.4-kb Emr TaqI fragment 16
 pTS2Cmr, ts rep; derived from pTV1ts, MCSb from pBluescriptC. O'Connell (personal communication); 14, 33
 pBluescript KS(+)Phagemid derived from pUC19; MCS, vector for blue/white colony selectionStratagene
  • a Strains RF120 and RF122 were previously shown to be of the same clonal type by random amplified polymorphic DNA typing, multilocus enzyme electrophoretic typing, and ribotyping analysis (11).

  • b MCS, multiple cloning site.