Table 2.

Effect of virB1 deletion on virulence ofA. tumefaciens on K. diagremontiana and complementation with the N and C termini of VirB1

Strain (plasmid; VirB1 fragmenta)Tumor frequencybRelative tumor sizec
A348ΔB1 (pMTX124; OctB1)10/101.00
A348ΔB1 (pMTX106; NopB1)15/151.00
A348ΔB1 (pMTX110; NopB1-N)12/150.60
A348ΔB1 (pMTX107; NopB1*)12/150.40
  • a See Fig. 1.

  • b Number of inoculations that incited tumors per number of inoculations.

  • c Size of tumors relative to that of tumors incited by A348 (wild type) estimated by visual inspection.