Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeSource or reference
H. influenzae
 KW20Wild typeH. O. Smith
 MAP7 str kan nov nal spc vio stv J. Setlow; 17
 RR514 str 32
 RR520 kan 32
 RR563 sxy-1 32
 RR749 murE 749; G1303→AThis study
 RR750 murE 750; G1303→AThis study
 RR751 murE 751; T1082→CThis study
 RR752 murE 752; G1303→TThis study
 RR769 rec-2::mini-Tn10kan murE 749 This study
 RR797Cmrcassette from pKRP10 inserted into HindIII site at bp 1195829 in strain RR749This study
 RR804 murE 749 transformed into RR514 backgroundThis study
 RR806 murE 750+ CATThis study
 RR807 murE 751 + CATThis study
 RR808 murE 752 + CATThis study
 RR809 murE + + CATThis study
 RR829 crp::mini-Tn10kan murE 749 This study
 RR830 icc::spec murE 749 This study
 RR839 sxy::lacZfusion 1a
 RR867Insertion and duplication of comA;comA::lacZCmr 19
 RR868 rec2::lacZfusion 19
 RR876 sxy::lacZ fusionmurE 749 This work
 RR878 comA::lacZ fusionmurE 749 This work
 RR879 rec2::lacZ fusionmurE 749 This work
E. coli
 DH5α sup44 recA1
 GM2163 dam New England Biolabs
 pRRnov1 H. influenzaen-vobiocin resistance allele of gyrA 32
 pWJC3Kmrcassette 9
 p836B murE 749 KpnI-BglII fragment from RR797This work
 p848M murE+ KpnI-BglII fragment from RR805 in pSU40This work
 p836B-206,845-bpHindIII fragment from p836B subcloned into pSU20This work
 p848M-206,845-bp HindIII fragment from p848M subcloned into pSU20This work
 pmurE::KanKmr cassette from pWJC3 inserted into PstI site of p848M-20This work
 pAM120Tn916 vector 14
 pKRP10Cmrcassette 33