Table 1.

Genes with elevated expression after IPTG treatment

GeneFunction Level of expression ina:
LB mediumMinimal medium
Exponential phaseTransition phase
Uninduced ppmUninduced rank IPTG induction (fold)ppmRankppmRank
lacA Thiogalactoside acyltransferase403,74736.00.254,244213,816
lacZ β-Galactosidase 89 2,42029.023,879203,849
lacY Galactoside permease613,12514.064,202163,975
b2324 Peptidase?2806215.3732,639542,717
uxaA Altronate hydrolase2905754.0782,530901,990
b1783/yeaG ?3704013.63205761,000136
melA α-Galactosidase413,7292.9144,050173,966
b0956/ycbG Hydrogenase?2606782.51401,5731301,529
  • a ppm, fraction of particular transcript/summed transcripts hybridizing to all ORFs on the microarrays expressed in ppm; rank, genes ranked in order of expression, with 1 being the most highly expressed gene for each of the experiments.