Table 2.

Selected phenotypes of a V. vulnificus smcRmutant

V. vulnificus strainSignal productionaAlkaline phosphatasebBiofilm formationcProtease activityd
DM7 (smcR) +230 507.4 121.4
C7184 (smcR +)+ 100 100.0 100
C7184 + C2e + NDf ND 0.001
  • a Cell-free supernatants were collected from early-stationary-phase cultures, and their ability to induce luminescence in the V. harveyi reporter strain was tested.

  • b Alkaline phosphatase production as percentage of wild-type activity.

  • c Biofilm formation at 24 h in microtiter plates, presented as percentage of wild-type attachment.

  • d Protease production as percentage of wild-type HPA activity.

  • e C2 was added at a concentration of 10 μg ml−1 during mid-exponential phase, and the culture was incubated at 37°C for 4 h (stationary phase) prior to collection of supernatants

  • f ND, not determined.