Table 3.

Expression of operons encoding ribosomal proteins in an exponential-phase culture in LB medium

Operon (min) GeneaProteinbppm (100)Rank
Spc (73) rplN L148.6122
rplX L2427.131
rplE L510.0102
rpsN S1417.259
rpsH S813.779
rplF L66.9167
rplR L1814.970
rpsE S511.687
rpmD L305.4227
rplO L155.8206
secY SecY1.91053
rpmJ L364.0359
S10 (73)(TR)
rpsJ S1024.635
rplC L323.941
rplD L424.040
rplW L2343.97
rplB L224.636
rpsS S1922.845
rplV L2215.766
rpsC S327.429
rplP L1619.153
rpmC L2913.680
rpsQ S177.8142
α (73)(TR)
rpsM S138.1136
rpsK S118.4128
rpsD S415.367
rpoA α32.623
rplQ L177.1163
Str (73) rpsL c S120.92291
rpsG S710.099
fusA EF-G38.512
tufA EF-Tu24.131
L11 (90)(TR)
rplK L1168.02
rplA L148.04
L10 or β (90)(TR)
rplJ L1043.48
rplL L7/1266.43
rpoB β11.489
rpoC β′5.0258
S15 (69)(TR)
rpsO S1516.063
pnp Pnp5.7215
S2 (4) rpsB S216.960
tsf EF-Ts14.276
L34 (83) rpmH L346.9166
mpA RNAse P5.3237
L28 (82) rpmB L2833.520
rpmG L3327.528
L35 (38) infC IF370.21
rpmI L3546.26
rplT L2027.230
S20 (0) rpsT S205.3235
S1 (21) rpsA S123.843
S6 (95) rpsF S638.314
priB n26.432
rpsR S1819.054
rplI L930.625
S21 or ς (67) rpsU S2117.358
dnaG DnaG2.1875
rpoD ς70 4.2876
L25 (48) rplY L2516.761
L28 (82) rpmB L2833.520
rpmG L3327.528
L32 (24) yceD d ORF1.41463
rpmF L329.7107
L13 (70) rplM L1328.027
rpsl S98.0140
trmD (57) rpsP S1611.290
b2608 ORF10.198
trmD TrmD32.324
rplS L196.3185
  • a Genes within operons are listed in the order in which they are transcribed. TR, sites of translational repression; TT, sites of transcriptional termination (15).

  • b Ribosomal proteins are indicated by their standard alphanumeric designations (15). Other proteins are involved in translation (EF-G, EF-Tu, EF-Ts, and IF3), secretion (SecY), transcription (α, β, β′, and ς70), RNA maturation and turnover (RNase P, TrmD, and Pnp), or replication (n and DnaG) (32).

  • c Multiple PCR products were derived from therpsL-specific amplification.

  • d The yceD product was not of the expected size.