Table 2.

B. subtilis strains used

Strain Genotype and phenotype Source or referencea
ML6 sigB::catCmr 14
PS356 ΔsspAΔsspB αβ 19
PS832Wild-type, trp + revertant of strain 168Laboratory stock
PS2538 sigB::cat Cmr ML6→PS832
PS2539 sigB::cat ΔsspAΔsspB αβ Cmr ML6→PS356
PS2542Δlon::cat Cmr RS359→PS832
PS2543Δlon::cat ΔsspAΔsspB αβ Cmr RS359→PS356
PS2567 amyE::groEL-bgaBCmr WBG2→PS832
PS2643 amyE::ctc-bgaBKmr pPctc-bgaB→PS832
PS2645 amyE::dnaK-bgaBKmr pPdnaK-bgaB→PS832
PS2647 amyE::clpC-bgaBKmr pPclpC-bgaB→PS832
PS2549 amyE::lon-bgaBKmr pPlon-bgaB→PS832
PS3044ΔdnaK::spc Spr pdnaK1/2→PS832
PS3045ΔdnaK::spc ΔsspAΔsspB αβ Spr pdnaK1/2→PS356
PS3046ΔhrcA::spc Spr phrcA1/2→PS832
PS3047ΔhrcA::spc ΔsspAΔsspB αβ Spr phrcA1/2→PS356
PS3085 amyE::clpP′-bgaB catΔctsR Cmr QB4903 + pHTΔctsR→PS832
PS3086 amyE::clpP′-bgaB cat ΔctsR ΔsspA ΔsspBαβ Cmr QB4903 + pHTΔctsR→PS356
PS3302ΔhrcA::spc Spr phrcA-np→PS832
PS3303ΔhrcA::spc ΔsspAΔsspB αβ Spr phrcA-np→PS356
QB4903 amyE::clpP′-bgaB cat trpC2 Cmr 6
RS359Δlon::cat Cmr 26
WBG2 amyE::groEL-bgaBCmr 40
  • a DNA(s) from the plasmid or strain left of the arrow was used to transform the bacterial strain to the right of the arrow.